6 Short Trips From Melbourne

Here’s 6 of my favourite spots that are so close to Melbourne and you should all check them out at some point!

NO. 1

The Grampians

This was one of the first places I took a road trip to when I came to Melbourne, and ever since, I’ve been back heaps more. Something just keeps pulling me back here, again if you’re into hiking and getting up early for sunrise, then this is the place for you!

We always stay at the Lakeside Tourist Park in Halls Gap

p.s I don’t recommend getting a photo like this. Don’t copy my stupidity 🙃

NO. 2

Cape Otway

This is a few hours away from Melbourne but so worth the journey, there’s a few waterfalls around the area and also the Californian Redwood Forest which have tress roughly 60m high! 🤯

This is a great stop if you’re also doing the Great Ocean Road stretch, I usually do this on my way back to Melbourne from the 12 Apostles

NO. 3

Point Addis

Insane spot for sunrise or sunset! I’ve only been here twice so far but there’s only been one other group there at the same time. Many people go to the lookout but never go beyond that to get to this point.


NO. 4

Black Spur

Now this is one of my new favourites, I had seen it online a few times but never had the chance to go until recently. This road is just over an hour away from Melbourne, it stretches roughly 27km long and is just mind blowing. 🤯

Great for photography and very hard to leave without a good shot, make sure you pull over at every chance you get to admire your surroundings.

NO. 5

Great Ocean Road

So when I first saw this spot back in 2016 it was great, but I never really enjoyed it that much and never had the urge to go back. Maybe because it was such a tourist spot and it was way too crowded all the time. But recently it has been so quiet, and you can just take your time exploring without feeling you need to rush to the next spot before it gets busy.

Definitely check the 12 Apostles out for sunrise or sunset! Maybe even hang around later and watch the sky fill with stars

NO. 6

Wilson’s Promontory

Now this place! This place has everything! Beaches, hiking trails, insane view points, wildlife, even sand dunes! The Big Drift sand dunes is probably my favourite place here. Located just on the right hand side of the entrance, park up in the camping ground and walk around 30 minutes to get here.

It’s honestly amazing how something like that actually exists only two hours away from Melbourne. Check this place out and let me know what you think!

Pro tip: if you’re heading to the sand dunes, take boogie boards 🏄 check out my reels for a sneak peek